Can quitting sugar reduce anxiety?

Avoiding processed foods and high-sugar foods means that the body experiences fewer high and low levels of blood sugar, helping to further reduce feelings of anxiety. In a nutshell, a sugar high can simulate a panic attack. The short answer is yes, without a doubt. The longer it takes to rant.

In one study, participants ate a low-fat, high-fiber diet rich in whole grains or a diet high in sugar and low in fiber. In addition, because your body is comfortable consuming sugar in the short term, you may find it extremely difficult to stop consuming sugar. If you want to reduce sugar in your diet in the long term, it's essential to be able to get through the first difficult weeks. In addition to improving the taste and mouthfeel of high-sugar foods, sugar has profound biological effects on the brain.

However, it's also important to recognize that sugar isn't bad in and of itself, but that it should be consumed in moderation along with a healthy diet and exercise. According to Naidoo, completely reducing sugar consumption in people who have been consuming a lot of sugar in their diet can cause a physiological feeling of withdrawal. If you suspect that sugar is fueling your anxiety or depression, you should eliminate it from your diet to see if you notice any improvement in symptoms. Table sugar, known as sucrose, is found in sugar cane, sugar beet and maple syrup, while glucose and fructose are the main components of honey.

Table sugar is pure white crystalline sucrose that is usually extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. People who regularly consume excessive amounts of sugar as part of their daily diet can experience extreme fluctuations in their mood, explains Chotai. The thing is, when you stop consuming sugar, you basically stop consuming processed foods, since more than 80 percent of processed products contain added sugar. But did you know that sugar causes a drop in serotonin? Eating too much sugar makes you feel depressed and depressed.

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