How much sugar-free is safe in a day?

In fact, the FDA sets limits on the amounts it considers safe of sugar substitutes that are food additives (it only needs to be demonstrated that naturally occurring options are “generally recognized as safe”). Artificial sweeteners may be a short-term way to help some people reduce sugar intake and lose or control weight. In general, sugar substitutes are safe for healthy adults. However, keep in mind how sugar substitutes affect your food and beverage choices.

These ingredients can get your taste buds used to the sweetness. And that can make drinking enough water a challenge. Without sugar, our bodies must find alternative sources of energy. Therefore, they use ketone bodies (substances produced by the liver) as fuel; basically, the body goes into starvation mode.

A diet without carbohydrates or sugars can cause the “ketogenic flu”, with symptoms such as headache, fatigue and mental confusion.

In addition, international organizations such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have rigorously reviewed all available scientific research on low calorie sweeteners and have concluded that they are completely safe at the current level of exposure, which implies that sugar-free sweeteners are safe for consumption.

Every low calorie sweetener, such as Sugar Free, that reaches the dining table has to go through a long journey of regulatory and safety regulations. These sweeteners have been classified in the category of products generally recognized as safe (GRAS), demonstrating that there is no conclusive evidence demonstrating the negative side effects of the low calorie sweeteners used in Sugar Free. In general, consumers can be sure that low calorie sweeteners, such as Sugar Free, are safe components of their diet because of the comprehensive regulatory framework that requires their approval.

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