How fast can you lose weight on a no sugar diet?

If you reduce 800 calories a day by eliminating sugar and starch from your diet, you'll lose approximately one pound of fat in four days and 3 or 2 pounds in two weeks. However, keep in mind that this is not an exact science. Some people have a faster metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. Refined sugars, also known as sucrose, are highly processed from sugar cane and sugar beet, Sara Siskind, certified nutritional health consultant, told INSIDER.

Diets high in these types of sugar have been linked to high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. However, it's important to note that processed sugars are different from the natural sugars found in fruit, honey, and unsweetened milk. Reducing your intake of added sugar can promote weight loss and improve several aspects of health, including blood sugar levels and heart, liver and dental health. Added sugars come in many forms, including refined versions, such as white and brown sugar or corn syrup, and more natural-sounding versions, such as honey and maple syrup.

For this reason, a less stringent, long-term approach to reducing the consumption of added sugar is likely to be a more realistic option for sustainable blood sugar control. As hard as it may be to stop ordering a cold tail with your hamburger or avoid brushing over the candy bowl at parties, omitting sugar from your diet can have a significant impact on your health. In another study conducted on 41 obese children and adolescents with high sugar consumption, it was demonstrated that just 9 days of a sugar-restricted diet achieved an average reduction of 3.4% in liver fat and an improvement in insulin resistance (20). Chronic inflammation is an abnormal and unhealthy immune reaction in the body that causes the immune system to overwork, and added sugars are a key component of the diet that is known to exacerbate this type of inflammation.

Any dietary pattern that reduces or eliminates added sugar is likely to benefit overall health, especially among people who consume large amounts of added sugar on a regular basis. Significantly reducing or eliminating sugar is a smart decision for everyone, regardless of age and health status, but this doesn't mean eliminating all forms of sugar. If you follow a typical Western diet high in sugar, do little or no exercise, and lead a very stressful sedentary lifestyle, you can expect dramatic results if you stop consuming sugar for two weeks. However, when you decide to eliminate sugar from your diet, you should know that you may experience signs of withdrawal or detoxification.

Read on to learn the reasons why you should stop consuming sugar and how to go two weeks without sugar to lose weight.

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